Mt. Zion Cemetery   & Church History 

         Mt. Zion Cemetery, one of the most beautiful country cemeteries in the area, is located at the dead end of  Dubois County Road 600W near Ireland in Madison Township.

          Original Owners: The quarter section of land on which Mt. Zion is located was entered by  William Shook, one to the five founders of the "Irish Settlement".  He received a grant from the U.S. Government dated October 18, 1814--this being the eleventh entry of the county. William sold his entry a few years later to Elizabeth Cartmill Green, a great-great- grandmother of  Forrest R. Anderson.  She was a native of the Republic of Ireland.  After coming from County Armaugh to America, she settled in Rockbridge County, Virginia.  She was married to James Green, a Revolutionary War soldier.  James died, and Elizabeth brought her family from Wood ford County, Kentucky, and then to Dubois County, Indiana.  Elizabeth Green later sold her farm to John Armstrong, also a native of Rockbridge County, Virginia.  John was a Ranger during the War of 1812 and had a fort at Armstrong Station in Clark County, Indiana.  His youngest brother George Armstrong is listed in the census of 1820, but John is not.  This George Armstrong was the great-great-grandfather of local historian Forrest R. Anderson.            Founding of Mr. Zion:  John Armstrong and his wife were of the Cumberland Presbyterian Faith.  Since there were several people of the same faith but there was no real close of their denomination, he decided to build one near his home. So John Armstrong, the builder of Mt. Zion Church, built a church in which to worship his God before he built a swelling for himself and family.  Mt. Zion Church was the first frame church to be built in this part of Dubois County. It is not known in what year the church was built, although it was probably in the early 1840's.  On page 212 of George R. Wilson's "History of Dubois County" published in 1910 is found part of the original deed to Mt. Zion Cemetery.  On the metal embossed sign at Mr. Zion today it reads: These grounds were used for religious and burial purposes many years before 1853.  In order to advance the Redeemer's Kingdom here on earth. John Armstrong and his good wife Jane in 1853 deeded Mt. Zion in Madison Township to James Anderson, James Stewart, William Rose, George Washington Armstrong, and Barton Ward Anderson.  These men were the original trustees.

            Meaning of the name:  Mt. Zion has long been a favorite name for a place of worship.  It is referred to as a place of meeting beyond the grave.  After this life is ended and again as the "Homeland of the soul" where all is at peace, joy, and contentment forever.

            Ministers: Among the ministers of Mt. Zion were Rev. George W. Armstrong, a son of the founder, Rev. Fisk, and Rev. J.W. Hendricks, the founder of the Blythe Wood Seminary in Petersburg in 1855.  Rev. Hendricks was a brother of Thomas Hendricks, who at one time was Governor of Indiana and later vice-president of the United States during Grover Cleveland's first term.  Thomas died while in office.,

            Eventual decline of the church:  For several years, Mt. Zion was a favorite meeting place of worship, but it finally fell into neglect and decay after the death of the older members of the small congregation.  Mt. Zion Church was torn down by George and Warren Armstrong, great nephews of the builders.

             Mt. Zion is an active cemetery with gravesites available.  As of April 21, 2004 there are approximately 200 known graves.

       Mt. Zion census sir names listed in alphabetical order.

Alexander, Isaac 1849-1903, Christeena 1852-1936. Anderson, Byron W. 1894-1929 (WW I), Isabelle 1904-1914, Jerome 1863-1909, Carrie 1864-1937, Eugenia 1890-1906, Sarah 1833-1901, Barton 1827-1898, Armstrong, Roy 1921-1983 (WW II), Wilma 1918-1995, Joe 1931-1997, Joana 1932-2003, George W. 1851-1854, Gilbert 1900-1969, Opha 1902-1979, John W. 1846-1847, Kellogg 1909-1989, Velma (Himsel) 1909-1997, Howard 1931-2000, Mary L. 1936- --, John L. 1942-2001, Flora 1943 - --, James 1914-1971, John 1898-1968, Flora 1896-1939, Carl 1927-1931, Wilford 1929-1929, James 1853-1919, Delle 1863-1934, Viloet 1896-1902, Carrie May 1904-1910, (infant)1929-1929 s/o Milton & Geneva, Donald 1939-1947, Milton 1902-1973, Geneva 1905-1974, Elmer 1886-1938, Jane 1776-1858, John 1777-1853 (War of 1812), May 1888-1972, Jesse 1848-1916, Mary E. 1850-1836, Luther 1878-1952, Minnie 1879-1958. Bagwell, Nell (Dillin) 1894-1978, Banta, D.J. 1817-1892, Elizabeth 1814-1892. Bodkin, (Adams) 1846-1922, W.H.H. 1841-1919. Beard, Ronald W. 1946-2002, Linda 1947- --. Burr, Mary (Sweeney) 1871-1938. Cox, Horatio 1844-1866. DeBruler, Edgar A. 1887-1956, Edgar J. 1920-1989, Edna1911-1989, Olive1913-1987, Vinnie 1887-1948 DeMotte, Sebastain 1872-1933, Bertha (Armstrong) 1874-1962. Dillin, Mary B. 1876-1971, Nenian 1862-1927, John F. 1857-1903, Catherine, Catherine (w/o James) 1823-1881, Faris, Ruth M. (w/o Frank) 1891-1929, Frick, (infant, d/o Phil & Addie)) 1905-1905. Glezen, Alice (d/0 Hamilton) 1865-1865), Hamilton W. (Dr.& Civil War Veteran) 1826-1869, Helena 1891-1905, Melona (w/o H.W.) 1841-1919, Orange A. (i/o H.W. & M.F.), Sarah F. (1st. w/o H.W.) 1836-1863. Gray, Martha J. ?-1906, Green, Ariel M. 1912- --, Culvin 1872-1943, Elfa 1847-1924, Green (infant s/o O&M) 1905-1905, John A. 1842-1926, Louis S. 1880-1904, Maye (Rose), 1877-1983, Ottis 1876-1929, Roscoe 1883-1913. Harrison, Attia 1886-1918, John W. 1864-1942, Laura 1859-1950, Lu Dora 1889-1916 (w/o H.C.Cox). Himsel, Everitt 1907-1963, Gladys (Small) 1908-1979. Hobbs, Ada 1857-1886, Amos 1864-1864, Clara 1861-1895, Ella 1858-1941, Elijah 1824-1905, Hannah 1823-1864, Henry 1819-1855, Hymelus 1845-1866 (Civil War), Hobbs (infant), Hobbs (infant), Malinda 1820-1855, Margaret 1835-1915, Marshall 1846-1855, Lannes 1863-1863, Volney 1843-1862 (Civil War), Zeno 1858-1922. Jeffers, Edward 1867-1934, Vivian Dewey 1898-1971, Kellams, (infant), Lemmon, L.B. 1852-1908, Long, Loretta 1862-1911, Longsdale,Fay1901-1904,Thomas 1904-1905.Lottes, Nellie (Armstrong) 1913-2001, McCain, Margaret 1837-1922, Morgan, Angeline 1875-1945, Samuel 1867-1953, William 1865-1925. Mosby, Aaron (41y1m23d), Myron 1865-1870, Jane 1843-1851, Burr 1843-1901, Burr J. ?-1870, Burr P. 1810-1842, Dora ?-1862. George 1863-1865, Mary ?-1870, Medith 1887-1915, Selina 1844-1923. Myers, Fred 1891-1962, Adeline 1894-1960, Bernice 1898-1920, Elizabeth 1867-1951, James 1830-1916, James B. 1860-1936, Martin 1855-1930, Rachel 1868-1935. Norman, Ethel 1891-1968, Ida may 1873-1944, Isaac 1864-1922, Isaac A. & Martha J. (buried in Alexander & Case) ?-1864, Mary 1872-1952, Olive 1903-1990, Arvin 1884-1940, Emma 1893-1933. Nicholson, Sophia ?-1917, Payne, Albert 1849-1927, Jay 1891-1987, Martha 1854-1932, Shirley 1889-1976, Pelt, James, James E., Nancy, Sarah Jane (all no dates) Sarah Jane 1833-1868, Sylvester ?. Postlethwait, I.A. ?-1855, Samuel 1793-1854 (War of 1812) W.D. 1827-1858, Isable 1867-1899, Ritchie, 3 freed slaves of this family, Bob, Lydia and Milly, no dates. Rose, Edward 1827-1907, Harriet 1800-1870, Helen 1864-1941 (first principal of Ireland High School from 1905-1921),William 1800-1863. Small, Jennie 1885-1947, Wesley 1879-1946, John W. 1920- 2003, Hilda (Himsel) 1923- --. Smith, Grace 1870-1915, Jerome 1861-1939. Stewart, Sarah 1804-1839 (consort of James), Sweeney, Andrew 1865-1865, Barney 1897-1919, Belle 1863-1925, Florence 1856-1887, Mable 1892-1969, Miriam 1840-1909, Timothy 1830-1915, Taylor, Jo Ann 1949-1949. Thomas, Addison 1841-1921, Elizabeth 1845-1931, Owen 1867-1913. Townsend, Angeline 1859-1945, Bessie 1884-1902, Isaac 1888-1903, James D. 1899-1903, James M. 1849-1900, John 1881-1903, Shirley 1891-1904. Traylor, Flora (Hobbs) 1851-1922, Olive 1880-1964, Willa 1888-1893, William 1843-1914. (where there are - -- this person is still living)


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