Boone Township Schools

of the past

     Boone Township, Dubois County had 13 different places that elementary schooling was taught.  The names of the schools were: Ft. McDonald (also known as Crossroads), Louchenaur, Lemmons, Miley, Rising Sun, Birch Creek, Oakdale, Horton, Portersville, Condiff, Boone Township Consolidated School, St. John's Lutheran and the old Portersville Courthouse. Not counted in the above is the actual Ft. McDonald where the earliest known schooling in Dubois County was held.

     The graduation commencements for these schools, except the St. John Lutheran and the Boone Township Consolidated School, alternated between the Lemmons and Portersville Presbyterian Churches.  All the rest of the schools gathered for one township graduation during the time those type graduations were held..

     The Boone Township Consolidated School took the place of all the remaining one-room school houses at that time.  From these grade schools, since there were no high schools in Boone, the students had

  the choice to go to four different high schools.  These high schools were, Alfordsville, Ireland, Jasper and Otwell.

      Today, there are no schools in Boone Township,  All students go either to the Madison or Bainbridge Township Schools.

     To be continued.  Any other information on the schools is welcome.

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