Lemmons Church & Cemetery Inc.

         Built in 1860 and restored in 1992, Lemmons was placed on the National Register of Historical Places on June 4, 1992.  Lemmons is in Boone Township, Dubois County, Indiana on Portersville Road. To get to this attractive historical place in Boone Township, get on Highway 56 and go west of Ireland, Indiana and/or east of the Otwell Junction (Hwy's 56 & 257) until you get to County Road 750W (you will see blue State Historical Site Markers) go north for 4 miles to Portersville Road West, turn rignt, Lemmons is the first building on left. 
Click here to see a map to Lemmons.   Do not take first choice, it is incorrect.
        From Jasper, Indiana, take Portersville Road to Portersville, then take Portersville Road West approximately 4 miles, Lemmons is on the right. Lemmons actual address for 911 usage is: 7399W - Portersville Road West, Otwell, IN 47564.  Lemmons is situated on two acres of land.  Lemmons is an ongoing active cemetery with many burial plots available and open to the public. The secretary handles burial plot sales or contact anyone below.  Lemmons is a 501-3-C non-for-profit public organization, incorporated in 1935.  None of the officers or directors receive any compensation for their services.  

     The current board members & officers include:  Kris Ausbrooks (vice-president), Scott Birk, Roger Brittain, Kenneth Eck, Dan Gregory, Delbert Himsel Jr.(President), Joyce Jackle, Bob Murry, J.P. Weisheit (Secretary-Treasurer) and Marilyn Welsh.  These are all volunteers. Webster says a volunteert is "A person who chooses freely to serve in a capacity without pay."

      Lemmons is a well kept manacured Cemetery.  Many grave sites are avaiable at Lemmons, contact: cqb@insightbb.com or junebug@fullnet.com . For a pioneer wedding or othr uses, contact the same websites.

      The 2017 Tri-Annual Gathering will be held on September 17 at 1:30 EDT. Jennifer Weisheit and Kris Ausbrooks are planning the Gathering.


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