Boone Township Cemeteries

    Cemeteries published on this site will be those in Boone Township that do not have an organization funding them.  These particular cemeteries are cared for by the public through the township trustee.

     Before the listing of Sherritt Cemetery, we must give you the thoughts of George R. Wilson who wrote the following about this cemetery and it's location in his book "History and Art Souvenir of Dubois County, Indiana".  Here at the Sherritt Graveyard is a place where those who love to dwell on past history of  Dubois County can find food for thought.  If you are like Sir Walter Scott's "Old Mortality," you can brush away the moss from "French Lick" headstones (most commonly called Whetstones) and read beneath, Born 1765, Born 1776, Died 1815, Died 1825 and any number of similar dates.  While beneath your feet lie the remains of many hardy pioneers whose graves ae unnumbered and unmarked, save by the ivy that the blasts of nearly a hundred winters have not eliminated.  The dignity and eloquence of the names on the mossy marbles justify the pride of the living who loyally trace the most valued influences of their lives to the time when they knew and loved those now beneath the sod.

    Here lie in peaceful slumber the early McDonalds, Niblacks, Sherrits, Haddocks, Kelsoes, Traylors, McCrilluses, Tollys, Churchills, Cavenders, Harbisons, Flints, Butlers, Bixlers, Breidenbaughs--soldiers, judges, surveyors, pioneers, commissioners--and a long line of others whose names have been obliterated from the headstones by the cruel hand of time.

     Touching the enclosure on the south side is the first field cleared from the primeval forest: touching the same enclosure on the west was built the first rude cabin of the McDonald's, while on the east stood their first double log-cabin, and in it was born little Alan McDonald, the first white native of the soil that now constitutes Dubois County.  William McDonald, Alan's dad, who is believed to be the first white settler in the county, coming in 1801, is also buried in Sherritt.

    A few rods north of the graveyard runs the base line (called the Buffalo Trace), at about 30 degrees 30' north latitude, and in its due westerly course through Illinois to the city of St. Louis, while almost in sight is the location of old Fort McDonald, the protector of civilizing influence in Dubois County, and the camp of Gen William Henry Harrison.  It stood about 9 degrees 58' west of the city of Washington.

    To first white person said to be buried in Dubois County was a sister to William McDonald.  She was the first burial at Sherritt Cemetery.  The names listed in the cemeteries below are to the best of the knowledge of the writer, if anyone has any corrections or additions they are welcome.  We hope these listing helps someone find their ancestor.

    Sherritt Cemetery:  Bixler, Elvira 1828-1894, Hilbert 1879-1880, Simon 1818-1878, Breidenbaugh,  Adam 1849-1921, Anna  1816-1873, Catherine 1848-1919, Elizabeth 1850-1854, Evelyn 1886-1887, Fredrick 1871-1875, George, infant 1857-1857, George 1857-1942, George 1847-1859, George 1812-1864, Henry 1809-1891, Henry 1846-1864, Henry B.1848-1921, Henry E. 1895-1914, John 1805-1873, Kunigunde 1819-1883, Laura 1860-1935, Mary 1820-1883, Namcy M. 1845-1875, Nannie 1875-1875, Roy 1890-1948, Samuel G. 1876-1879, Susan A. 1866-1909 and William 1818-1899. Breidenbough, infant 1854-1854, infant 1861-1861, Barbery 1821-1854, Bonaparte 1837-1837, Catharine 1846-1854, Kunigunda 1832-1861 and Thomas 1850-1854, Brown, Margaret 1827-1848, Molly A. 1779-1816, Samuel ?, William 1798-1818, Wilson 1830-1852 and W.S.?, Cavender, Charity 1804-1876, John D. 1830-1873 and William 1793-1875. Curry, Sarah F., Davidson, Cornella R, 1854-1854 and Henry S. 1855-1855, Dike, Catherine 1876-1877 Katie 1876-1877 and Olive 1886-1887, Donnell, Lavina A. 1840-1841, Oletha I. 1837-1838, William F. 1832-1841, Edmonston, Richmond F. 1875-1875. Fisher, Anna 1790-1865, Jacob 1778-1853 and John 1819-1870, Fraser, 1865-1865, Fuller, Lucy 1784-1856, Gibson, Samuel 1781-1821, Graham, Elizabeth 1820-1891and Ewing 1808-1890, Growder, Emma 1873-1899, Haddock, Lucinda 1820-1835, Rhody 1781-1847 and Rhoda 1828-1829, Harbison, Alathea 1834-1890, Hays, Sarah 1795-1871 and Reverand Willis 1792-1876, Hill, Sarah E. 1835-1860, Hindmans, Samuel A. 1839-1843, Hoffman, Heinricha, 1831-1853, John 1831-1899, Katherine 1840-1901, Hopkins, Asher 1837-1846, Hugh 1842-1868, Margaret 1819-1857, Mordicah ?, Hutchens, Basel 1828-1831, Hannah B. 1822-1822, Hutchins, Mary1794-1861, Nancy M. 1814-1847, Rhoda E. 1822-1845, Jackle, Catherine 1840-1865, Kean, Sarah Jane 1831-1852, Kelso, Andrew F. 1807-1872, Edgar E. 1820-1820, Martha A. 1839-2857, Sanford 1854-1857, Susanah E. 1813-1883, Lacheonour, John W. 1875-1875, Ledgerwood Ida May 1870-1870, McCarthy, Pauline 1857-1918, McCrillus Newton 1837-1837, Sarah 1803-1830, McDonald, Alan 1809-1880 (Believed to be the first white person born in the county), Charles E. 1891-1895, Francis E. 1851-1926, Hanry 1871-1872, Hiram A. 1837-1921 (Civil War), John 1806-1860, Leander S. ?. (Civil War), Martha ?-1883, Mary A. 1843-1874, Minerva 1815-1897, M.M. ?, Sarah C. ?, Sissly 1868-1868, Walter S. 1873-1923, William ? (War of 1812), William A. 1822-1856, William M. 1845-1851, McElroy, Sarah E. 1839-1845, McMahon, Jane ?-1861, Mason, Rosina 1847-1848, Sarah 1820-1847, Miller, Cornelia A. 1853-1854, Francis ? (Civil War), Morgan, William G. 1897-1900, Munkel, Edmane F. 1882-1882, Fred G. 1849-1927, Margaret 1854-1919, Matilda 1876-1876, Emma 1873-1899, Murry, Francis E. 1834-1883, Richard 1823-1893, Niblack, Ann 1800-1831, Hugh F. 1826-1827, James 1793-1823, John Q.1830-1832, John 1790-1839 (1st Judge in county), Martha 1799-1847. Martin 1845-1845, Purkhiser, John W.1845-1868 (Civil War), Rudolph, John 1824-1862, Schnarr, Christian 1796-1866, Elizabeth 1855-1856, Fred J. 1870-1948, Geroge ?, John 1858-1859, Anna M 1829-1897, John, Jr. 1838-1872, John, Sr. 1838-1872, John A. 1825-1901, Margaret 1872-1873, Susan D, 1885-1885, Sherritt, Areamisha 1879-1883, Buddie 1860-1860, Cornelia 1846-1884, Helena 1866-1885, Irvin B. 1861-1885, Jane 1800-1870, James W. 1826-1851, James 1857-1858, John 1837-?, John 1800-1870, John 1785-1849, Margaret E. 1832-1921, Thomas F. 1829-1887, William B. 1822-1897, Traylor, Flora M. 1877-1879, Hugh 1874-1896, Jane 1823-1861, Jesse 1820-1904, Margaret 1837-1904, Ward, Hellena ?, Johnathan 1807-1873, Sarah S. 1847-1848,Winnie 1818-1873    to be continued

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