Ireland Elementary School 

      Going back in time there were 33 different schools that were the ancestors of the new 1990 Ireland Elementary School, K-5.  The names of these schools may be seen  on this website in the Madison and Boone Township Schools section.  Pictures and location of the schools are displayed in the front hall of the new school.

     In a school board meeting in 1986 it was voted to renevate 5th Street School and 10th Street School in Jasper in the near future and immeadiately begin plans for a new Ireland Elementary School.  Time progressed and in June of 1989 the old Ireland High School was torn down to make way for the new school.  (Ireland & Jasper had consolidated in 1970.)  Some of the bricks from the 1915 Ireland High School were used for the base of the clock tower of the Ireland Elementary.  The larger PUBLIC SCHOOL limestone sign was used in the short north wall.  The names of the original bricklayers were found on the back of this sign.  The Ireland High School Gymnasium, which was built in 1949, survived and the new school now surrounds it.  The old school-bell now rests in the attractive display case in the school with several other articles of the past and present.By the 1990 school year, the new school was ready for the students.  There is also much history of the previous schools in the area that eventually fed into Ireland Elementary this is located inside the main entrance  The school is a marvelous modern structure with the capacity of 450+ students.  Come visit Ireland Elementary and the friendly folks that run the facility.

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