Ireland High School

    To begin this history of Ireland High School, we must go back to the first school administrator of Dubois County, John McCausland.  McCausland, from the Irish Settlement, began working toward "free schools" in Dubois County.  After his tenure, Rev. A.J. Strain, also from the Irish Settlement, continued on the work to attain "free schools".  Rev. Strain was successful and the graded schools of the county became well recognized as some of the best in a large area.  From these graded schools, came a student who believed strongly in advanced training.  A high school was foremost in her mind.  Helen Rose, a graduate of Adams one-room school, set out to bring a high school to Ireland, Indiana.

     Helen Rose, an Indiana University graduate, began teaching the eighth grade some high school subjects.  There weren't enough students to have a certified high school. However, she continued to teach the subjects allowed.  Classes were held in the 1884 school on Walnut street in Ireland.  This building was to become the first Ireland High School.  In 1904 two pupils, Cecil Kelso and Clara Dillin, completed the eighth grade and entered into a higher educational school. (Sometimes called Ireland Normal).  These two students graduated on March 24, 1905, from a three year course.  In the fall of 1905 three students were ready to graduate from a three year term. They were Vinnie Alexander, Iva Cooper and George Gill.  In 1906 no one was ready for the third year class.  Miss Helen did not give up.  She looked around to find someone eligible to fill the places that were vacant.


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1884 school on Walnut street in Ireland

 1915 Ireland High School

Miss Helen found Susan (Gray) Stewart and Myrtle Green, both of whom had taken two previous high school subjects.  Miss Helen pursuaded those two to come back to school in order for the school to have graduates for another three year course.  Mrs. Stewart was working and Miss Green was teaching at the one room school, Alexander.  Susan and Myrtle went back to school in order that the higher education that Miss Helen was so interested in Ireland having, would go on.

Susan and Myrtle graduated in 1907 from the three year course.  Class colors were gray and green.  Ironically, these colors were the last names of these two students.  This probably has never happened before in any school anywhere!

Miss Helen was so intent on keeping the school going. She would even take her horse and buggy out into the countryside to visit the farmers.  Her intent was to convince the farmers to let their children continue on to advance training and schooling at Ireland High School.  

In 1908 a class of eight students graduated from the three year course.  They were Jemima Cooper, Elsie Green, Della Long, Wallace Green, Alice Norman, Effie Ragle, Albert Root and Urban Steinhart.   In 1909 there were five graduates of the first four year course of high school education.  They were, Wallace Green, Alice Norman, Albert Root,  Effie Ragle and Urban Steinhart.  All five had completed the three year course in 1908.  I interviewed Albert Root in 1989 when he was 98 yrs old.  He attended the Corn Log one-room school just south of Ireland and the Hopkins School east of Ireland near the Bainbridge Township line. He related to me that his schooling in the Ireland area was so essential in his life.  He mentioned that Teddy Roosevelt was the first president he remembered.  He had written a biography of himself.  Albert shared this writing with me and gave me a copy.  We shall relate to his biography later on this website.  Albert invented one of the first incubators for chickens.  Albert also wrote a science fiction book that was published.  The book included space ships, etc.       

At this point we need to give a short resume of Helen Rose. The Ireland High School continued under the guidance of Helen Rose from 1905 to 1921. She retired in 1922.  She was the only principal that taught in both the 1884 school and the 1915 school. As was stated, she began her schooling at Adams School in Madison Township.  Helen then attended Jasper Normal for three years, Mitchell Academy and Indiana University. Her teaching career spanned a 36 year tenure. During this time she guided the growth of Ireland High School from a two year course to a four year Indiana State Commissioned School.  She was influential in securing material facilities for the school which led to the construction of the new 1915 Ireland High School.  Her professional capacity was recognized by other educators in the state through her election as the first woman president of the Southwestern Indiana Teacher's Association in 1914. It was publicly reported in newspapers as follows: "Superintendent HELEN ROSE, of the schools of Ireland, Madison Township, was recently elected president of the Southwestern Indiana Teachers.  The association embraces thirteen counties of the pocket and adjoining counties.  For the last nine years she has been at the head of the Ireland School, one of the best high schools in Southern Indiana. She is one of the most progressive teachers in the state, a firm believer of vocational education".

During Ireland High School's 61 years of existance (1909-1970), there were approximately 861 graduates.  For the least graduates there were 2 in 1913 to a high of 44 graduates in 1966. Around 1202 attended Ireland at one time or another.  They either quit school or moved on to another school. There were 141 students attending Ireland in its final year of 1970.  From 1910 those attending Ireland are listed below. A (c) after the name indicates they left before graduation from Ireland High School.     

1910: Alva Alexander, Eula Alford, Hazel Johnson, Andrew Mercker, Ross Stewart and Richard Thompson.

Hugh Anderson, Ethel Baker, Roy Brittain, Homer Cooper, Grace Glezen, Leland Green, Dessia Green, Nellie Hopkins, Shirley Payne and Bernard Rose.

Loren Anderson, Marie Grant, Anna Kellams, John Lansford, Eugene Norman, Daisy Payne, Bruno Ragle, Hammond Stewart, Edna Traylor and Anthony Wigand.

Florence Stewart and Mabel Sweeney.

Helen Alford, Thomas Anderson, Anna Dorsey, Ernest Frick, Gladys Glezen, May Morgan, Oscar Schwenk, Jacob Nahler and Samuel Schwenk.

1915: Adeline Armstrong, Lawrence Frank, Ward Glezen, Norma Kellams, Nelda Morgan, Bernice Myers, Glenn Schnarr, Gilbert Schwenk, Lela Wininger and Lena Wigand.

All previous students mentioned went to the 1884 school. The new (1915) Ireland High School was completed to begin in the fall of 1915.  The school was modern for its time with forced steam heating system and electric lights.  The school had a slate roof that lasted until the school was torn down in 1989.  The school also had a nice auditorium upstairs which doubled as a gymnasium.  The two south ground level rooms were used for grades 1-8.  Most everyone brought their own lunch.  However, there was no indoor plumbing. This of course still meant outdoor privys.  Ottis Green was trustee of Madison Township during this time.  He was criticized for spending too much money on the school. (Does this sound familiar?) The school cost the township a staggering $15,000.00.  Everyone still had to find their own way to school.  That meant the students had to walk, or travel by horseback or horse and buggy.  The 1916 class was the first to graduate from this new school.  Floyd Schnarr spoke to me about playing basketball on dirt courts during his early high school years.  He also told me of the great experience of playing in the new high school. The team was then called "The Irish Lads".

1916: Ralph Green, Mattie Hardin, Ruben Hautch, Ethel McCormick, Flora Ragle, Floyd Schnarr and Barney Sweeney.

Edna Dorsey, Lorenzo Hardin (c), DeWitt Hobbs, William Morgan, Ray Murray and Rachel Yates.

Violet Alford, Lucille Anderson, Glenn Hadlock, Herbert Renner, Minnie Frick and Minnie Whitsitt.

Meta Frick, Vivian Jeffers, Russell Kellams and Elva Morgan.

1920: Jennie Banta, Robert Green and Russell Ragle.

Albert Mercker attended Ireland High School as the only one in his class.  He attended Ireland until the last semester of his senior year.  To avoid expense to the township of a commencement, he entered Jasper High School and graduated with the senior class there.

1922: Eugene Brittain, Martha Glezen, Herbert Greener, Mabel Harker, Lizzie Klein, Mary Klein and William Schwenk.

Grace Alford, Ormsby Bence, Elsie Morgan, Lloyd Green and Austin Rudolph.

In December 1921, Llyod Green (Class of 1923) edited the first published newspaper.  It was called The Beacon. The Beacon sold for 10c. The first edition was a well put together piece of jourinalism.  However, the cost must have been prohibitive for that edition was the first and last.  It wasn't until the mimeograph machine came into to play in 1949-50 that it was published again.  This time under the name of the Irish Gazette.

Olive Norman, Patrick Renner and Irene Traylor.

During the years the school continued to have a good academic standing. The mascot name of "The Ireland Spuds" was born.  Joseph C. Glezen, class of 1925, later became the only Ireland High School graduate to become the basketball coach of his alma mater.

1925: Marian Anderson, Lloyd Dillin, Joseph Glezen, Madelyn Myers, Willa Roudenbush and Ralph Traylor.

Louannah Bence, Emil Dischinger, Lucas Dupps, Herb Grabeman (c), Mary Green, Leo Hoffman (c), Clara Keusch, Lloyd Mosby, William Schmitt, Hugo Schuler, Gladys Small and Victor Steinhart.

Louise Bachman, Howard Kellams, Esther Morgan, Fredia Schmitt, Edwin Schnarr and Raymond Weisheit.

Floyd Anderson, Robert Armstrong, Helen Bence, Henrietta Dischinger, Martin Hochgesang, Rita Renner, Carl Schnarr, Catherine Schuetter, Harry Smalll, Hugh Stewart and Marie Streigle.

Ariel Green(e) of the class of 1929, both Green & Greene were used, related to me about some of her days in Ireland High School.  The satisfaction of a college degree and a teacher's liscense were the foremost results.  She also relayed the above remembrances of the 1915 Ireland High School when her dad, Ottis Greene, was trustee of Madison Township.  Many of the facts about Miss Helen Rose also came from Ariel.  Ariel was Miss Helen's niece.  Ariel lived with her Aunt Helen during the week in Ireland and went home in the country for the weekends.

1929: Kellogg Armstrong, Kenneth Asbell, Henrietta Bachman, Marie Brittian, Ariel Greene, Raymond Rutter and Helen Small.

1930: Fern Johnson, Julius Leinenbach, Mildred Rudolph and Dorothy Schmitt.

Josephine Dischinger, Mary Heim, Fredrick Houchins, Robert Kellams, Herbert Mehne, Lenas Rudolph, Armella Schwenk, William Stewart, Lee Theroff, Donis Yates and Nellie Armstrong.

Loretta Bachman, Edgar Frank, Bernard Heim, Raymond Hochgesang, Cletus Keusch, Marian Leinenbach, Levi Leinenbach, Amos Leinenbach, Luther Schnarr, Jerome Schwenk, Felix Schnaus and Wilmajean Smith.

Louise Armstrong, Raymond Buechler, George Heim, Mildred Jerger, Justine Krelien (c), Stella Schmitt, Walter Steinhart and Raymond Stenftenagle.

1934: Wilfred Buechler, Pauline Dischinger, Henrietta Heim, Anthony Heim, Albert Keusch, Bessie Radke, Pete Rudolph, Wilfred Schitter, Charles Stewart, Joyce Stewart and Earl Tabor.

Roman Bachman (j), Geneva Brittain, Leo Heim, Helen Jerger, Anthony Klein, Woodrow Mehne (c), Valerie Renner (c), Elizabeth Schmitt, Alice Schnaus (c), Genevieve Schuler, Raymond Schuler, Lucille Schwenk, Viola Schwenk (c), Marilene Smith (c), Marie Steinkamp and Clarissa Stenftenagle. 

Bernice Buechler (c), Mergerta Dischinger, J.C. Frank (c), Herbert Goeppner, Wilfred Kluemper, Arthur Leinenbach, Eugene Leinenbach, Allabell Meaders (c), Issac Mehne (c), Benjamin Mundy (c), Esther Renner (c), Helen Schmitt (c), Joseph Schitter, Jerome Schuler, Paul Weisheit and Mildred Yates (c).

Glen Brittain (c), Lorene Heim, Clarissa Hochgesang, Virginia Johnson, Faye Meadors, Helen Miller (c), Doyle Padgett and Remus Schuler (c).

Walter Buechler, Richard Burger, Alice Jerger, Dee Johnson (c), William Rudolph, Ralph Schmitt, Clarence Schnaus (c), Rufus Schwenk, Herman Small, John Small, Helen Stewart and Clarence Wehr (c).

Maleta Campbell (c), James Hopkins, Rudy Hulsman, Marcella Keusch (c), Catherine Marks (c), Felix Mundy, Virginia Padgett (c), Vivian Padgett (c), Bernadine Schepers (c), Meinrad Schitter, Josephine Schmitt (c), Mary Schmitt, James Schuler (c) and Clara Steincamp.

Monica Dischinger, Edward Heim (c), Robert Hopkins (c), Joan Jerger, Harley Kearby, John Meadors, Arnold H. Mehringer, Sylvester Miller (c), Robert Rees, Agnes Renner, Ruth Renner, James Schnarr, Leroy Schnaus (c), Ivo Schuler, Arthur Stenftenagle, Virginia Stenftenagle, Eugene Wehr (c), Joseph Wehr (c), Meleties Weyer (c), Bernard Wigand, Dorothy Wigand.

In 1940, the Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church, which was built in 1885, disbanded and the congregation moved to Jasper.  Madison Township bought the land & building, just west of the present Ireland Elementary School.  They removed the steeple from the church added a furnace room and continued to use the building as a gymnasium.  The writer remembers that during a game in the middle 1940's, a player broke through the poplar tongue & grooved floor.  Mr. John J. Lasher, principal at the time, came out onto the floor with a replacement board, handsaw, hammer and nails in hand.  Mr. Lasher proceeded to fix the floor and the game went on! The Ireland Spuds played in this building until 1948.

1941: Paul Burlingame, Francia DeSainie, Robert Keusch, Charles Leinenbach, William Meadors, George Padgett (c), Rudolph Schitter (c), Alice Schmitt (c), Vincent Schmitt, Sylvester Schnaus, Donald Schuler (c), Sylvester Stenftenagel(c), Alatha Stewart (c), James Terwiske, Pete Wehr and Albert Weisheit (c).

It turned out that the class of 1942  produced the first jet-pilot from Dubois County.  Curt Eskew became known as "Hawk".  He attained ths knickname from his airforce buddies during his 100 combat missions in the Korean War.  During his military career Curt reached the rank of Lt. Colonel.  Later in life, Curt, unfortunately became legally blind.  However, with the help of the people at Mana-Sota Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Florida, Curt adjusted.  Curt then wanted to help others with the same problem.  With that in mind, he became a counselor at the "Lighthouse". 


1942: Lester Armstrong, Baker Barrett, Carl Bleemel, Robert Bonifer, Curtis Eskew, Marcella Goeppner (c), Carroll Gregory, Irene Hulsman, Leona Mehringer, Martha Lou Padgett, Eleanor Renner, Ignatia B. Schitter, Dora Schuler, Irene Terwiske, Max Traylor and Cyril Wigand.

1943: Anna Marie Buechler, Virginia Blessinger (c), Harry Cirance (c), Hubert Gregory (c), Aloysius Heim, Luella Hoffman (c), John Jerger, Charles McElfresh (c), Hazel Murry, Clarence Rees (c), Delores Schitter (c), Bertha Schmitt(c), Seraphia Schmitt, Slyvester Schmitt (c), Lloyd Schuler, Herbert Schwenk (c), Eugenia Sermersheim, Robert Stenftenagel(c), Wilfred Stenftenagel, Cletus Terwiske (c), Victor Wagner (c), Fredrick Wehr (c) and Robert Weyer (c).

: Lee Albert Bachman (c), Lorena Blessinger, Norma Gregory (c), William Hensley (c), Rosalee Hoffman, Bernita Hulsman, Mildred Marks (c) ,James Meadors (c), Lucille Miller, Dennis Schitter (c), Frank J. Schmitt (c), Jerome Schmitt (c), Raphael Schmitt (c), Dorothy Schnaus, Virgil Schnaus (c), Jerome Sermersheim (c), Lucille Steinhart, Marilyn Stewart, John Wehr (c), and Lavella Weisheit.

          Eight girls graduated from the 1944 class. There was also and all girl class (two) in 1907.   

Silvera Ackerman, Lillian Armstrong (c), Ruth Burlingame, Marilyn Eskew, Clara Mae Gress, Norma Gregory (c), George Hupp, Ellis McCrary, Vera McCrary (c), Cletus Melchior, Claude Rees (c), Levienes Schitter (c), Anna Mae Schmitt (c), Raymond Schmitt, Robert Schnaus (c), James Schwenk, Bernadine Sermersheim , Rose Sermersheim (c), Robert Wagner, and Mary Lou Wigand.

Gerald Bonifer, Alan Brescher (c), Arnold Heim, Laverne Hilgeman, Robert Hoffman, Charles Jerger, Linus Mehringer (c), Loretta Miller (c), Marjorie Pfaff (c), Clemens Renner, Leroy Schnarr, Leo Schnaus, Leola Schuler (c), Fredrick Sendelweck, and Marian Sermersheim.

Irene Ackerman, Arthur Bonifer, William Burger, Mildred Eskew, Lee Albert Gress (c), Larry Hauser (c), Thomas Hohler, Kenneth Morgan, Helen Murry, Ellen Ragle, Betty Jean Rees, Kenneth Schitter, Mary Schitter (c), Laverne Schmitt, Betty Ann Sermersheim (c), Linus Stenftenagle (c), Robert Terwiske, Minnie Jean Toler (c), Thomas Wagner (c), Lenora Wehr (c), Theresa Wehr and Lewis Weisheit.

Edward Bartley, Elmer Bleemel, Joyce Bonifer, Eugene Burger (c), Virginia Burger, Wilfred Buschkoetter, Anthony Goeppner (c), Lee Etta Goeppner, Robert Hupp (c), Ruth Jerger, Betty Marie Mehringer (c), Orville Mehringer, Mildred Merkley, Bernice Miller, Henry Neukam, Charles Ragle, Magdalen Renner, Wilma Renner (c), Melvin Schitter, Edmund Schmitt, Patrick Schmitt, Richard Schmitt, Daniel Schnarr, Lou Anna Schuler (c), Emma Schwenk, Dorothy Sermersheim (c), Catherine Steinhart, Sylvester Terwiske, John Weidenbenner and Anthony Wigand.

The old gym (Presbyterian Church) was torn down during the following students' year.  The basketball team of that year used the Otwell High School gym for their home games.

1949: Charles Durcholz, Wilfred Gress, Opal Hilgeman (c), Opal Hochgesang (c), Claretta Hoffman, Erwin Hoffman, Louis Pfaff (c), Albert Schnaus (c), Mary Ann Schwenk, LaVerne Sendelweck, Rosemarye Wagner, Herman Wehr (c), Bernard Weidenbenner, Bette Weidenbenner, Kenneth Weisheit and Ferdie Weyer.

During 1949, the township was building it's first building in 34 years.  The 1949 Ireland High School regulation size gymnasium was finished for the 1949-1950 season.  Also in the new building, for the first time ever, Ireland had indoor plumbing and restrooms.  Some of the other uses of the building besides basketball were band, choir and physcial education.  The first basketball game was played in the gym in November of 1949.

1950: Margie Ackerman, Robert Bartley, Donald Bonifer, Mary Buschkoetter, Rita Durcholz, Wilbur Edwards, Bernice Fleck, Patty Goeppner (c), Hazel Mae Himsel, Valeda Jahn (c), Betty Leinenbach, Rosemary Mehringer, Ray Merkley, Lawrence Miller, Edna Rees (c), Maurice Rohleder, David Schmitt, Amos Schnaus, Ollie Schnell (c), Arlene Schuler (c), Bernard Schwenk (c), Rita Sermersheim (c), Mary Terwiske, Lenora Vonderheide, Leroy Weisheit and James Wigand.

Rosemarye Blessinger, Alfred Burger, Lillian Goeppner, Raymond Goeppner (c), Edwin Hopf (c), Mary Jahn, Millie Mehringer, Patricia morgan, Robert Murry (c), Frank Schmitt, Anna Mae Schnaus, Robert Sermersheim (c), Marcella Stenftenagel (c), Tony Terwiske, Carol Wagner, norbert Wehr (c), Raymond Werner (c).

Raphael Ackerman, Betty Armstrong, Leland Durcholz, Viola Goeppner, Mitzie Gress, Mildred Hulsman, Leroy Hupp (c), Randy McCain (c), Norbert Mehringer, Robert Mehringer (c), Mildred Miller, Betty Rohleder, Paul Schitter, Julianna Schuler (c), Mary Ann Schwenk, Alma Sendelweck, Tom Sermersheim, Alice Stenftenagle (c), Morris Weidenbenner and Norma Werner (c).

Esther Bartley, Mary Catherine Bonifer, Jerome Buschkoetter, Eleanora Gehlhausen, Delbert "Junie" Himsel, Thomas Hoffman, Anna Mae Hopf (c), Donald Johnson, Thomas Kellams, Donald Malan (c), Ronald Malan, Bettye Ann Mehringer (c), Jeanie Murry, Gladys Ragle, Martha Schnaus, Betty Marie Sermersheim (c), Helen Sermersheim, Melvin Sermersheim, Jerry Wagner, James Weisheit and Lucille Weisheit.

Shirley Brescher, Lavonne Dillon, Dale Durcholz, Mary Lou Durcholz, Emil Goeppner (c), Jack Hayes, Geraldine Hoffman, Joe Jahn (c), Linus Jahn (c), Charles Mehringer, Frances Mehringer, Thomas Mehringer, Charles Mendel, Victor Pfaff (c), Sylvester Rohleder, Davis Schitter, Gladys Schitter, Donald Schuetter, Marlene Vonderheide and Virginia Weidenbenner.

Camilla Ackerman, Rosalie Ahrens (c), Margie Blessinger, Jo Ann Durcholz, Anna Freyberger (c), Mary Lee Gehlhausen, Daniel Hopf (c), Phyllis Hubster, Joseph Jaent, Beverly Leinenbach, Arnold Mehringer (c), Linda Schitter, Betty Schnaus, Urban Schwenk, Thomas Sendelweck, Linda Sermersheim (c), Patricia Stenftenagle (c), Monica Terwiske and Donald Werner (c).

Charles Armstrong (c), Phyllis Armstrong, Bonnie Dillon, Marilyn Durcholz, Richard Freyberger, Ruthie Freyberger, John Gehlhausen, Richard Gress, Hazel Haycox, Norma Hayes, Kenneth Hoffman, Arnold Hopf (c), Vincent Hopf (c), Martha Jane Hulsman, Mary Ann Kieffner, Shelba Lampert, Kenneth Mendel, Albert Miller, Dolores Pfaff, Gary Schmitt, Michael Schmitt, Genny Schnarr, Joan Schnarr, Jacquelin Sermersheim, Eileen Wehr (c), Helen Wehr (c), Allen Weisheit, Delores Weisman and John Weisman.

John Allen, Jerry Bartley, Dave Bonifer, Linus Buschkoetter, John Crutchfield (c), Edward Durcholz, Richard Durcholz, Jo Ann Gehlhausen, Bill Hopf (c), James Hopf (c), Mary Jane Hopf, Russel Jaent, Jo Ann Kellams, Martha Sue McCain, Evelyn Mehringer, Ricard Mendel, Lillian Merkley, Sylvester Mundy, Irma Rohleder, Richard Rudolph, James Schmitt, Mary Ann Schmitt, Kelly Schnarr, James Sermersheim (c), John Sermersheim, Beverly Small, Alan Small (c), Clara Mae Stenftenagel, Kenneth Stenftenagel, Shirley Temple, Elvira Vonderheide, Donna Wagner, Dorothy Weisheit (c), Kasper Weisheit, Charles Weisman, Gerald Werner (c) and Patsy Whitsitt (c).

Gloria Bellner, Neil Dillon, Dorothy Durcholz, Rich Freyberger, Robert Gehlhausen (c), Gary Hayes, Larry Hochgesang (c), Fred Hopf, Joan Hopf, Rose Ann Hopf, Kenneth Hulsman, Kenneth Hurst (c), Sierra Kelley, Ralph Keusch, Robert Kieffner, Thomas Mendel, Clara Mae Merkel, Eddie Schitter, Joe Schitter, Bibiana Schmitt, Gloria Schmitt, Linus Schnarr, Doris Schuetter, Louis Schwenk, Florence Sermersheim (c), Shirley Sermersheim, Lucille Stenftenagle (c), Kenneth Voegerl and Jerome Weidenbenner.

Loretta Allen, Judith Armstrong, Laverne Bartley, Carol Bellner, Ardella Bonifer, Glen Dillon, Ronald Dodson, Leroy Gehlhausen, Patrica Heim, Donald Hurst (c), Ronald Keusch, Mona Leinenbach, Kenneth McCain (c), Eugene Mehringer, Ronald Mendel, Lucinda Renner, Mary Rohleder, John Rudolph, Amos Schmitt (c), Sue Schroeder, Richard Sermersheim (c), Donna Small, Helen Stenftenagel, Richard Stenftenagel (c), Gilbert Voelkel, Mary Vollmer (c), Martin Weisman and Jerry Whitsitt.

Linda Braunecker, Ernerst Brown, Jr., Cletus Durcholz, Carol Heim, Mary Catherine Himsel, Mike Hochgesang, Ralph Hopf, Ruth Ann Hurst, Faurest Jeffries, Rebecca Kelley, Marilyn Kiefner, Carol Klem, Donna Lampert, Dennis Leinenbach, Harold Lents, Joan Mendel, John Merkley, Eddie Joe Meyer, Ruth Ann Popp, Ellen Rasche (c), Viola Reinbold, Agnes Rohleder, Othmar Sander, Constance Schroeder, Darlene Schuetter, Jerome Schwenk, John Schwenk, Ronald Stenftenagel, Joan Voegerl, Helen Sue Voelkel, Marilyn Weidenbenner and Shirley Weisheit.

Cleo Ackerman, Ronald Ahrens, , Sue Bleemel, Raymond Bonifer, Ronald Brown, Brenda Burress, Richard Edwards, Donald Fowler, Gary Frank, Sandra Freyberger, Leroy Goeppner (c), Diane Gress, Donna Grooms (c), Kenneth Hopf (c), Steven Hubster, Frances Hulsman, Philip Jeffries, Euene Keusch, Kathleen Keusch, John Mann, Luther Mann, Cyril Mundy, Reginald Schitter, Rosemary Schmitt, Larry Schnaus, Lawrence Sermersheim, Martin Sermersheim (c), Donald Steinhart, Ronald Steinhart, Anna mae Vollmer, David Weisman and Richard Weisman.

Robert Allen, David Baer, William Englert, Larry Freyberger, Kenneth Hochgesang (c), Judith Keusch, Maurice Keusch, Lela Lampert, Allen Leinenbach, Donald McCain (c), Helen Mehringer, Uili Oser, Richard Pfaff, James Popp, Doyle Reinbold, Eugene Reinbold (c), Marilyn Renner, Barbara Rohleder, Mary Ann Sander, Jerry Schroeder, Kenneth Schwenk, Donna Sermersheim, Bill Small, Hubert Stenftenagel, Kathleen Temple, Ronald Vonderheide, George Walker (c) and Radius Weisman.

The class of 1963 and some of the underclassmen (below) achieved something that seemed impossible.  The basketball  team of 1963 not only won the first sectional (in single class basketball) but went on to win the first regional that the Ireland Spuds ever won. That means Ireland became a member of the "Sweet Sixteen" (16 teams in the state left out of over 300 + ). Ireland Spuds were in the semi-state of the IHSAA in 1963.  Due to the Evansville Semi-State being on "slow time", all of the other regionals in the state had been played.  Ireland lost to Bosse in the Evansville Regional.  However, due to the aforesaid time differencial; Ireland was actually got to the final 10 teams in the state.  Quite an accomplishment for the Ireland Spuds!!

1963: Esther Armstrong, Jeanne Bonifer, Fredrick Brown (c), Ruth Ann Durcholz (c), James Eck, Sheryl Eskew, Ronnie Gehlhausen, Rosie Goeppner, Virgil Gress,  Ethel Haycox, Ronald Heim, Patricia Hopf, John Jeffries, Dennis Keusch, Euline Kieffner, Connie Leinenbach, Joe Lents, Gene Mehne, Kenneth Mehringer, Henen Meyer, Mary Ann Meyer, Vince Mundy, Elaine Popp, Gary Rasche, Marjorie Schmitt, Ambrose Schwenk, Martha Jane Sendelweck, Sylvia Sermersheim, Veronica Sermersheim (c), Dave Small, Judy Wehr, Frances Weidennbenner and Eugene Werner (c).

1964: Stephanie Ahrnes (c), Betty Bellner, Judy Braunecker, Kenny Breitweiser, James Brown, James Burress, Edward Freyberger (c), Carol Goeppner, Phanalphia Hayes, Karen Hoffman, Mary Alice Hurst, Laverne Keusch, Roasaleen Keusch, Ronald Klem, Bonnie Kunkel, Sandra Lampert, Judy Lorey, Paul Mann, Beverly Mehne, Linda Mehringer, Arnold Renner, Mary Jane Rudolph, Patricia Schitter, Becky Schroeder, Frederick Schwenk, Sue Schwenk, Louise Sendelweck, Sam Small, Sylvia Stenftenagel, Eileen Stenftenagel (c), Belinda Voegerl, Allan Voelkel, Charles Vollmer and Charlotte Vollmer.

: Linda Armstrong, Janet Brown (c), Micheal Bueltel, Gary Burress, Wayne Dittleberger, Jessica Fowler, Gloria Goepfrich, Ralph Goeppner, Judy Heichelbech, Kerrylynn Hobbs, Mary Hochgesang, Stanley Klem, Eugene Kluemper, Thomas Kunkel, Darrell Leinenbach, Kenny Leinenbach, Rodger Leinenbach, Sharon Leinenbach, Stanley Leinenbach, Susan Leinenbach, Bill Linette, Debra Mehne, Patricia Mehringer, Veronica Mehringer, David Mendel, Melvin Mundy, Douglas Padgett, Gay Padgett, James Sander (c), Patrick Schitter, Thomas Schmitt, Gerald Schnaus, Raymond Schuetter, Carol Schwenk, Marilyn Schwenk, John Stenftenagel, Sam Voelkel, Carolyn Wehr, Marilyn Wehr, Nancy Wehr, Elizabeth Werner (c) and John Wigand.

: Albert Auffaurt, Richard Bleemel, Joan Breitwieser, Richard Brown, Rosie Durcholz, Mary Freyberger (c), Linda Fuhrman, Larry Goeppner, Robert Harris, Gerald Hayes, Martha Hochgesang, Betty Hopf, Doug Hulsman, Grace Keusch, Diane Kuczynski, Irene Kuczynski, Donald Kunz, Judy Kunz, Myron Lampert, Jeff Leinenach, Phyllis Leinenbach, Donna Mehringer, Daniel Mundy, James Mundy, Dennis Popp, Fred Popp, Martha Popp, Gary Pride, Glenda Reinbold, Janet Renner, Donna  Rohleder, Patricia Sadowski, Charles Schmitt, Mary Jane Schmitt, Patty Schwenk, Marilyn Seitz, Dorothy Sendelweck, Reggie Sermersheim, Stan Sermersheim, Michael Stenftenagel, Bill Wehr, Linda Wehr, Larry Weidenbenner, Ken Weyer and Diane Zehr.

: Joseph Auffaurt, Ron Bellner, Linda Bleemel, Patricia Boehm, Debbie Braunecker, Judy Burress, Jeff Eckert, Mary Jane Frank, Barbara Gardner, Diane Goeppner, Doug Heim, Ron Hulsman, Charles Hurst (c), Dennis Kempf, Norma Kempf, John Keusch, Debbie Leinenbach, Steve Leinenbach, Joe Lorey, Linda Mann, Larry Mehringer, Martha Lou Meyer, Betty Mundy, Elizabeth Mundy, Ron Neukam, Edward Oser, Tom Padgett, Dennis Rohleder, Donna Schitter, Virginia Schmitt, Mike Schwenk, Sam Schwenk, Jane Sendelweck, Dave Sermersheim, Gary Sermersheim, Gerald Sermersheim, Mary Ellen Small (c), Steve Wagner, Roger Wehr, Leo Werner (c), Marge Werner (c) and Larry Zehr.

: Joan Auffaurt, Sarah Bleemel, Mary Braunecker, Larry Breitweiser, Gail Bueltel, Dianne Dittelberger, Judy Gardner (c), Kathy Garland, Cletus Goeppner, Tom Goeppner, Ray Harris, Jane Heichelbech (c), Wanda Heim, Mary Hester (c), Charles Hochgesang, Sylvia Hopf, Larry Jeffries (c), Leon Jerger, Pat Kluemper, Judy Kunkel, Michael Kunz, Brian Leinenbach, Duane Leinenbach, Lauren Leinenbach, Rick Linette, Linda Kay McCain, Jenny McGowen, Linda Mehne, Connie Mehringer, Janet Mehringer, Joan Miller, Bill Mundy (c), Tim Padgett, Jeanie Sadowski, Patricia Schmitt, Ken Schnaus, Stanley Schroeder, Ruth Schwenk, Carol Seitz, Herman Small, Jr., Becky Terwiske, Martha Vollmer, Ruth Wagner, Kay Weber, Ken Wehr, Doug Weyer and Judy Weyer.

: Karen Bachman, Linda Bickwermert, Barbara DeKemper, Paul Dischinger, Sue Eckert, Linda Gardner, Judy Goeppner, Carla Gress, Mary Heim, Emma Hochgesang, Marilyn Hopf, Oma Sue Hubster, Linda Hudson (c), Leon Kempf, Dennis Kunkel, Margaret Kunz, Greg Leinenbach, Marsha Leinenbach, Tim Leinenbach, Melvin Linette, Martha Miller, Kenneth Mundy, Gayle Pfaff, Bill Rasche, Evelyn Renner, Steve Rohleder, David Rudolph, Lucinda Schmitt, Stan Schnaus, Richard Schwenk, Ted Sendelweck, Connie Sermersheim, Steve Stemle, Terry Wagner, Robert Wehr, Thomas Werner (c), Antoinette Wigand, Toni Wigand and Patricia Young.

The following class, the class of 1970, was the last year of high school in Ireland, Indiana.  Ireland High School was consolidated into the Greater Jasper School system.  From then on all high school students from the Ireland area went to Jasper High School.

1970: Margie Auffart, David Bachman, Joyce Bachman, Sandy Bartley, John Buetel, Randy Durcholz, Danny Gardner, Wilma Goeppner (c), Becky Gress, John Hester (c), Martha Hopf (c), Cheryl Hulsman, Brenda Jerger, Stephen Keusch, Tim Klem, Stan Kunkel, Mark Leinenbach, Charles Mehringer, Randall Mehringer (c), Martin Miller, Tom Mundy, Ken Sander, Theodore Schmitt, Linda Schnaus, Jim Seitz, Bonnie Sermersheim, David Stenftenagle (c), Myron Temple (c), Stan Terwiske, James Wagner, Randy Wehr, Mary Jane Weidenbenner, Ted Weidenbenner (c), Kathy Weyer and Chery Zehr.

The other students that were attending Ireland, in the last year for high school to be held there in 1970, were as follows: Junior Class: Doris Bachman, Rich Bickwermert, Charles Boehm, James Braunecker, Jane Burger, David Burress, Betty Fleck, Barbara Garland, Betty Goeppner, Lee Goeppner, Linda Gress, Steven Gress, Karen Hoffman, Eugene Hopf, Donna Hudson, Mary Jane Keusch, Michael Kluemper, Conrad Kuczynski, William Kunkel, James Kunz, Linus Mann, Sandy Mehringer, Karen Mendel, Mary Mendel, Eugene Miller, John Miller, Sharon Mundy, Dean Pryor, Pam Pryor, Ken Rasche, Kathy Sander, Pamela Schitter, Ann schmitt, Sonya Schroeder, Don Schwenk, Duane Sermersheim, Steve Snyder, Barbara Stenftenagel, Roland Terwiske, Micheal Wagner, Randall Wagner, Bonnie Weber, Allen Wehr, Gerald Wehr, Greg Wehr and Debbie Weidenbenner. Sophmore Class: Bill Armstrong, Marilyn Auffart, Jacob Bachman, Marilyn Boehm, Mark Braunecker, Charles Buetel, Ann Burger, Greg Burger, Kenneth Durcholz, Richard Eckert, James Hardin, Doris Hopf, Cindy Hudson, Micheal Jerger, Harvey Kempf, Andrew Kuczynski, Marion Kunkel, James Kunz, Bonnie Lechner, Shelia Leinenbach, Micheal Linette, Keith Matheis, Cathy Mehne, Stephen Mehringer,Yvonne Miller, Stephen Rasche, Michael Schitter, Randall Schmitt, Deborah Schnaus, Gail Schnaus, Kenneth Sendelweck, Michael Snyder, Patrick Stemle, Michael Stenftenagel, Brenda Voegerl, Eugene Vollmer, Kathy Wehr and Marilyn Werner. Freshman Class: Jackie Braunecker, Mark Brescher, Carol DeKemper, Pam Dick, Marianne Dischinger, Donna Goeppner, James Goeppner, Duane Gress, Terry Gress, Stan Heichelbeck, Steve Heichelbech, Monica Hochgesang, Gary Hopf, Wanda Hudson, Earl Hulsman, Daryl Jerger, Dennis Kluemper, Tom Lechner, Pat Leinenbach, Margaret Miller, Jane Mundy, Ronnie Pfaff, Yvonne Pryor, Ken Renner, Daniel Schmitt, Ron Schmitt, Wanda Schmitt, Robert Sendelweck, Jeff Sermersheim, Shiela Sermersheim, Sharon Stenftenagel, Duane Temple, Randy Voegerl, Donald Wagner, Marilyn Wagner, Dennis Wehr, John Wehr, Kathryn Wehr, Jean Weidenbenner and Karen Weidenbenner.


(Credits to Staci Apple, Aaron Beard, Jay Bohnert, Joe Crutchfield, Laura Evans, Tricia Herbig, Heather Himsel, Brenda Jahn, Courtney Heichelbech, Chris Rasche, Anthony Wigand, Wm. Rudolph, Myrtle Greene, Mike Schmitt and Mary Ann Hayes.  Others have helped make corrections after seeing the above listings.)

If anyone out there has any history of the school to share please e-mail, Delbert Himsel.

     Greater Jasper Schools created an award known as "Alumni of Distinction" for former selected students of Jasper & Ireland High Schools.  They are selected by an unknown committee.   Selected to date from Ireland High School were: 1925-Willa Roudenbush,1929-Ariel Green, 1942-Curtis Eskew, 1945-James Schwenk, 1947-Arthur Bonifer, 1948-Anthony Wigand, 1950-Wilbur Edwards, 1952-Raphael Ackerman, 1953-Delbert "Junie" Himsel and R. Thomas Kellams. 1961-Eugene Keusch.

     On display in the atrium of the present Jasper High School are many items of Ireland & Jasper High Schools. There are pictures and arifacts.  This display was requested by the Ireland Historical Society and approved by the Greater Jasper School Board. Assembling the display were John Fierst, Mary Ann Hayes, Tom & Esther Kellams and Delbert "Junie" Himsel.

    The above report of the Ireland High School is as of  5-8-2017 This year 2017 is the 47th year since the Ireland High School was consolidated with Jasper. The school corporation is now called "Greater Jasper".  Thus it was that the little town of Ireland was responsible for making Jasper greater! 


to be continued

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