Area Churches of the past

       In the early days of the areas of Boone & Madison townships there were many churches and also people worshiped in their homes & one room school houses.  Travel was difficult due to distance, roads and weather.  The early settlers would worship at a place most convienent to them.

       These early churches .include Lemmons and Portersville Presbyterian Churches in Boone township.  In Madison, the churches included Beech Point, Bethel Methodist, Ireland Methodist and the Cumberland Presbyterian Churches of Anderson, Hillsboro, Old Shiloh Log, Mt. Zion, Ireland Presbyterian and Shiloh Meeting House.

      For the location of these churches you may click on Portersville or Lemmons at the left of your screen.  The rest of the churches may be located on the map on the Irish Settlement segment of this website.

      The active churches serving the area now may be found on the left, namely, Shiloh United Methodist, St. Marys Catholic and St. Johns Lutheran Church.




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