Madison Township Cemeteries


    Madison Township, Dubois County Indiana has many pioneer cemeteries.  We are publishing all known buried in these cemeteries.  The Wilhoit, Nelson Harris and Niblack/McMahan are just across the township line in Bainbridge Township, however, these cemeteries are a part of the Irish Settlement.  Over the last several years the cemeteries that are listed below have been repaired and research has been done through death records, funeral home records and newspapers to make this effort possible for the public.  Back in the early days many markers were used that did not stand the test of time.  These markers included light metal markers, wooden markers and sandstone.  Therefore the evidence of burial sites have been lost.  Some of the following cemeteries have had the dowsing method used. This has been a fairly accurate way of establishing the number of burials in any given cemetery.  The above mentioned townships have done a good job in keeping these cemeteries mowed and respectable. The listing and information below are to be best of the writers knowledge any corrections or additions are welcome.  We hope it helps someone find a missing pioneer ancestor.

     The names will be listed in alphabetical order.  There are eleven cemeteries listed here under the care of the townships they are: Anderson, Alexander, Armstrong, Corn, Dillin, Hillsboro, Nelson Harris, Niblack/McMahan, Payne, Risley and Wilhoit.  Risley is half in Dubois County and half in Pike County.

    Anderson Cemetery: Anderson, Aura 1867-1888, Dennis 1890-1890, Isabella 1801-1869, James 1796-1897, Obediance 1845-1846, William   C. 1825-1838, Brown,   Caroline   A. 1859-1860, James B. 1857-1859, Perry 1821-1860--Perry Brown was the founder of Otwell, Indiana.,  Case,  Achsah M. 1823-1852, John 1814-1850, William 1848-1851, Harris,  Ariel 1835-1862. Mosbey, two ladies known buried but unmarked graves and Williams,   Sarah I. 1844-1862.  Anderson has been dowsed, there could be an additional 30 or more unmarked burials.

    At one time in the middle 1800's the Anderson Cumberland Presbyterian Church stood near this site. To find Anderson, go west on County Road 150N until the road T's with County Road 875W, turn left (south) on 875W.  Then go about a quarter of a mile, you'll see the cemetery on the left. 

     Alexander Cemetery: Alexander,  Ashberry 1874-1874, Ashberry 1812-1876, Charlotte H. 1779-1856, Charlotte 1819-1835, Eliza A. 1823-1842, Joane 1861-1866, Mary  1893-1894, Nancy C. 1811-1858, Nancy E. 1805-1813, Oliver  1880-1887, Oma 1884-1884, Isaac 1782-1851, Thomas A. 1859-1879, Thomas ?-1835, Cook, Mary E. 1838-1905--Mary was a well known mid-wife in the area., Lt. Tom C. 1824-1896--Civil War, Dillon, Nancy ?-1859, Sarah ?, Taylor 1848-1908, Zachariah 1802-1849, Haskins, Polly Russell 1810-1899, William ?-1893, Johnson, two infants, Lewis, John ?-1843, Louisa ?-1840, Norman, Asbury ?-1852, Brittania Dillon  1806-1889, Charlotte 1834-1853, Isaac C. 1832-1864, John A. 1809-1849, Louisa  1832-1864, Louisa A. 1862-1872, Mary C. ?-1882, Samuel E. ?-1853, Volney 1857-1860, infant 1878-1878, Radke, Kathrin Alatha 1914-1915, and seven unidentified graves.

     Alexander was named after Isaac and Charlottee Dillon Alexander. Isaac and Charlottee came to Dubois County in 1815.  To find Alexander, get on County Road 450W, go approximately two miles south.  The cemetery is on the left.  Coming from the south, the cemetery is 1/8th of a mile north of the junction of 450W & Stewart Road, on the right. 

      Armstrong Cemetery: Anderson, George (infant), John, Sr. 1799-1860, John, Jr. 1842-1856, Margaret (infant), William 1827-1827. Anderson (2 stillborn). Armstrong, Elizabeth Green, 1778-1844, Frances, 1841-1858, George Sr. 1781-1844, George Jr. (infant), George Washington 1814-1860, Madison ?-1816, Nancy Corn 1814-1860, Richard 1730-1787. Green, Davis 1858-1891, Elizabeth Cartmill ?-1835, Harvie s/o Addison ?, John 1818-1971, John H. s/o Davis & M ?, Green, stillborn d/0 Robert & M, William, War of 1812, 1798-1854, his wives: Margaret Cartmill, (Cooper) Green, (Harris) . Harris, James Sr. ?-1835, Margaret Green ?, Frederick s/o J&M. Hope, Adam ?, 1st wife & child. Rodman, Hugh, Revolutionary War, ?-1815. Stewart, Hilda 1871-1872, Stewart, Jane Green ?-1842, John, War of 1812, ?-1842 (he purchased land from government in 1816 where the town of Ireland, Indiana is now), Stewart, Mary Green 1776-?, Robert (Robin) 1780-1842, 2 infants of Robert & Mary, Woods, Edward 1780-1847, Sarah (Green, Hope, Crozier-3 previous marriages) 1791-1847.

         Armstrong is located halfway between 500W and 600W on the north side of 150N.  Armstrong is the oldest known cemetery in Madison Township with the documented burial of Hugh Rodman in 1815.

     Corn Cemetery: Corn, Elizabeth Moseby 1780-1860, Jesse 1780-1852, Jesse M. 1815-1857 and John W. 1819-1849 Take County Road 500W (Green Street) south out of Ireland for about a half mile.  Cemetery is in a clump of large trees a little less than a quarter mile west off County Road 500W.

     The James Dillin Cholera Cemetery:  Dillin, Ashberry 1830-1849, Franklin 1843-1849, James 1802-1860, Leroy 1859-1860, Mary A. 1845-1849, Permelia Brickhouse 1802-1860, Sousin Lemon 1807-1849, Tobitha Ann 1839-1840, Dillin infant, Dillin stillborn.  This cemetery is located on Division Road near County Road 400W.

    In 1849, the year the Shiloh Meeting House was erected, a terrible Asiatic Cholera epidemic swept Dubois County.  All members of the James Dillin family but James and his son, Matthew perished form this epidemic. The fear of the cholera wa so great that all buried here wee entomed and buried in concrete sealed graves.  James was one of the four children of Lt. Benjamin Dillin, who cammanded a company of North Carolina Militia during the Revolutionary War. To find this cemetery, take Division Road west off of Highway 231 south of Jasper, go approximately 2 miles to 400W, keep going west on Division for 1/8 mile, you'll see the commemorative stone on the right ( north of &) just off Division Road. 

     Hillsboro Cemetery: Adams, Ezra 1820-1874, Sarah 1820-1876, William 1857-1874, Anderson, Andrew 1796-1869, Ami 1868-1895, Elam 1847-1847, George 1851-1907, Isaac 1834-1871, Jane  1771-1844, Mary A. n 1826-1848, Mary B. 1804-1846, Mary J. 1825-1842, Sarah 1837-1894, Thelda 1854-1855,  Thomas ?(War of 1812), William, Jr.1790-1843 (War of 1812),  William, Sr. 1763--1836 (Revolutionary War), Battles,Boone 1871-1894, Emma 1875-1877, Burlingame, Lela 1894-1896, Reed 1895-1896, Cooper, Helen 1894-1895, DeBruler, Sarah 1833-1855, Downey,Nancy 1799-1852, Dickson, Louisa 1841-1859, Mioma 1859-1859, Gowens, Annie 1874-1891, Leander 1874-1874, Perry 1889-1891, William 1870-1894, Green, Alma 1868-1928, Celia 1816-1888, John 1818-1871, Lucinda 1855-1892, Theresa  1841-1879,  Thomas H. 1839-1909 (Civil War-Thomas was a fifer, his fife is on display in the Dubois County Museum), Thomas W. 1874-1874, Greene, Washington 1811-1890, Lyden, Monte 1883-1953, McCausland, Elvira 1820-1845, Frances  1818-1848, Harriet 1830-1847, Mary 1828-1848, Margaret 1794-1843,  John 1789-1856 (First Dubois County School Administrator), McCausland infant, Morgan, Ami J. 1846-1868, A.C. 1805-1862, Andrew 1865-1891, Benjamin 1801-1840, Benjamin J. 1839-1855, Claud 1881-1884, George 1835-1882, John 1871-1890, Maria 1840-1878, Martha 1815-1855, Mary 1813-1897, Obidience ?, Pleasant 1872-1873, Walter 1901-1902, Morgan infant 1826-1826, Payne, Elisha 1824-1857, George 1853-1914, Mary Jane 1827-1896, Ragle, Adela  1856-1927, Charles 1884-1886, Emat 1882-1883, George 1859-1902, Ida 1862-1946, John 1852-1934, Oral  1889-1889 and Nellie 1900-1909.

    Hillsboro Cemetery is adjacent to the original Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Log Church and Campgrounds that began in 1817. Shiloh moved to its present site in 1839.  To find Hillsboro/Hobbs go 2 miles out of Ireland to 600W, go south until you reach County Road 150, turn right on County Road 150, go about one mile, cemetery is on the right.  Hillsboro/Hobbs is 3 1/2 miles southwest of Ireland, Indiana.  This site is alsothe first land entry in Madison Township.  The land was purchased from the government at the Vincennes Land Office by Jonathon Walker in 1814.

     Nelson Harris Cemetery: Adams, Hester P. 1853-1854, Marjorie Green ?, Mary E. 1852-1854, Chastain, Susan Chastain ?-1887, Mrs. Levi ?-1892, Green, Marinda Cave ?, Harris, Bazil B.  ?-1887, Eliza Reid 1812--1841, Isaac ?, Nelson   1787-1864 (War of 1812), Polly ?, Hopkins, Thomas 1815-1855, Rachel Harris  1819-1894, Woolridge, Thomas ?-1841 (Mexican War & Sheriff of Dubois County).   Sheriff Woolridge was shot to death after serving for only six weeks. It appears there are more than nineeteen or more unknown burials at Nelson Harris. 

    The "tree of heaven" (Ailanthus) was at one time of rank growth over this cemetery.  These trees were first brought to America from China about 185 years ago. They were planted first in Philadelphia, Penn. and then in many parts of Ohio.  Some of these trees are still growing in the Nelson Harris Cemetery.  This cemetery is located just off County Road 150, one-quarter mile plus southwest of Shiloh United Methodist Church (surrounded by a chainlink fence).  This land was the first land entered in Bainbridge Towship in 1816.  Nelson Harris bought the land from the government when he returned from the War of 1812.  Nelson Harris deeded off 1/2 acre to the township for public burial.

    Niblack/McMahan Cemetery: Niblack, William 1831-1854, Dillin, Joseph Asher 1839-1843, Albert 1858-1858, Alexander S. 1849-1853, John H. 1842-1847, Elizabeth 1811-1835, Elizabeth J. 1835-1835, Glezen, Mary 1818-1855, McMahan, Mary 1807-1824, Nancy 1783-1928, Emily 1809-? and Susan 1855-1855, daughter of E.A. Glezen.

    Niblack/McMahan was terribly neglected, large trees were growing in the cemetery and entwined with the iron fence that surrounded it.  Some stones were stacked in the corner of the fence.  A census had been done of the 12  known burials above  The Shiloh Cemetery Association, Inc. and the Bainbridge Township Trustee cooperated with cleaning up the cemetery, placing a stone with all the names on it and putting back the iron fence.

    Payne: to be published

    Risley Cemetery: Allburn, Martha 1847-1908, Phillip 1835-1897 (Civil War), Ashby, Margaret 1820-1877, William 1818-1894 (Civil War), Chambers, Amy 1873-1894, Butler, James 1887-1889, Martha 1854-1907, Dove, Jane 1833-1894, Huntman, infant 1904-1904, Cline, Ida 1903-1906, Payne, Elizabeth 1830-1860, John 1846-1857, Platt,  Willis 1866-1892, Poe, Anna ?-1889, Jon ? (Civil War), Risley, Addeline 1902-1902, Amy 1873-1894, Arrabelle 1846-1857, Celina A. 1861-1871, Celina 1843-1861, Dan ? (Civil War), Dora 1872-1872, Edward 1876-1906, Everett 1892-1892, Gracy 1877-1877, Hattie 1845-1885, Hosla 1888-1888, Jacob 1869-1950,  *James 1811-1888, James 1879-1921 (World War I), Josiah 1831-1851, Louisa 1865-1882, Louisa 1865-1882, Malica 1870-1889, Margaret 1833-1851, Martha 1808-1893, Mary 1824-1852, Nancy 1843-1907, Posey ?, Raymond 1870-1879, Rickie 1873-1919, Russell 1908-1908, Stella 1872-1872, Tabitha 1842-1891, William 1814-1887, Robinson, 1828-1896 (Civil War), Maude 1884-1886, Rebecca 1832-1885, Stephen ? (Civil War), Stephenson ? (Civil War), Shewmaker,  George 1871-1873, Mary E., 1818-1890, Mary M. 1859-1871, Silas 1871-1873, William 1809-1893, Taylor, Eunice 1835-1871.

   Risley Cemetery is located one-half in Dubois County and one-half in Pike County.  Risley was a neglected cemetery for many years.  The Marion Township, Pike County Trustee and the Madison Township Trustee agreed to have the cemetery repaired and a stone erected to identify the cemetery and those buried there.   Risley was repaired in 2002-2003 and looks quite respectable. *James Risley's original property is now the  nearby town of Velpen.  A large stone was erected with all the above names inscribed on it in 2003. While digging the footing for the large stone a perfect Indian arrowhead was found, it was placed on the footing, directly on the Dubois/Pike County line.  The exact county line was surveyed by Dubois County Surveyor, Kenneth Brosmer, at no charge.  To find Risley, take State Highway 257 to Pike County road 400S, go to and turn right (south) onto county road 1100E, when it looks like the road ends at County Road 475S, (it does as far as being rocked) but you can walk back straight south for 1/4 mile to the cemetery on the "still neglected road".

    Wilhoit: to be published (go to Shiloh Meeting House site, scrool down click on Wilhoit Cemetery).


to be continued.



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