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This listing of Shiloh Cemetery was done in 2001-2002 by Sharon Himsel, MaryAlice Parks and Jane Nelson and is an updating of the last listing done in 1980. An earlier listing, which was done by George Wilson in 1929, has also been used to verify that all graves are included to the best of our knowledge. We also have consulted records from the Dubois County Courthouse and Jasper Courier newspaper clippings to list persons believed to be buried here but who have no stone visible.
The previous listing and map of Shiloh Cemetery were made in the summer of 1980 by Eugene "Butch" and Eleanor Gutzweiler, Natalie Montgomery Baker and Lillian Doane. The stones in the cemetery are placed very irregularly in many cases, and the map shows the rows somewhat straighter in order to conserve space in the making of the map. The locations are as descriptive as possible, while still maintaining a uniform mapping of stones.
The new cemetery addition was laid out in 2000 by Kenneth Brosmer (surveyor) and Delbert Himsel, Jr. New requirements and technology have necessitated a numbering system that is not entirely compatible with the old section of the cemetery. We are sure, however, that you will be able to find your loved ones. Just ask for help if you need it. If you plan to visit Shiloh and need physical directions, please contact Junie at
For information regarding the Shiloh web page or to submit additions or corrections, please contact Mary Alice Parks email  .
1. Names of persons buried at Shiloh who are on George R. Wilson's 1929 listing but not on later listings include: Everett Anerson, d. Jan. 8, 1916, age 25; Wm. Anderson, d. Jan. 28, 1917, age 51; Virgil Anderson; Jane Neighbnors, daughter of Elizabeth Mangold (may be buried near her mother #601); Andrew J. Merchand (may be buried by #588, his wife, Mary); Anna Green, d. Mar. 19, 1923, age 69; Ellis Padgett, d. Jan. 20, 1921, age 56; Mary C. Green, June 1, 1859 - Mar. 24, 1887, aged 38 years. Mr. Wilson's list contains only adult burials; no children's graves are included.
2. We are told that at the beginning of Row 13, between the road and the marker of Susan Colvin, are the graves of Samuel Colvin and Jesse Colvin, who have no grave markers.
3. Persons who may be buried at Shiloh, but no stone for them can be found: George Boen, Born 1852 - Died 1879 and Rachel Harned Harris Trotten. Buried beside her first husband Isaac Harris. She has no marker on her grave.
4. Mrs. Kathryn Dillin McElroy of New Castle, Indiana, advised that three children of Alexander Corn (#327) and Susan Monroe Corn Williams (Charles, Frank, died 1879, and Georgia, died 1874) are buried by Alexander Corn and had three wire flower baskets over their graves. After the death of Alexander Corn, Susan Monroe Corn married Jefferson Williams, and she is buried (#338 has marker) with her daughter south of Alexander and the three other children. There is a small concrete enclosure around the grave of Susan Monroe Corn Williams and the daughter.


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